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Zeilstra vb&t Owners’ Association Administration

Zeilstra vb&t Owner’s Association Administration has offered professional and personal management of owners’ associations throughout the Netherlands for decades. With years of knowledge and experience we can manage your owners’ association on all levels, by providing tailor-made services that match the wishes of each individual owners’ association.

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Top 6 frequently asked questions

1. Apartment

What in ley terms is called buying an apartment, from a legal perspective is referred to as ‘buying apartment rights’. In everyday speech, the term ‘apartment’ refers to a separate residence in a larger building.

2. Apartment right

An apartment right consists of the co-ownership of a complex or piece of land and the exclusive right to use a particular separate section (the private section) and the compulsory membership of an owners’ association.

3. Deed of division

In the deed of division, each owner’s share in the total costs is recorded in accordance with a distribution formula. Furthermore, the deed of division contains the owners’ association’s regulations (articles of association) and a division plan, which lays out which sections of the building are for shared use and which sections are private. The deed of division is drawn up and recorded by a civil-law notary. All owners may examine the deed of division’s contents.

4. Audit committee

The financial administration of the owners’ association will be audited at least once a year by a delegation of the owners – the audit committee – the members of which are selected by the meeting. In addition, we provide a customer portal where you can view the administration 24/7.

5. Technical committee

The technical committee is a delegation of owners. Together with the supervisor, they must see to it that maintenance work is carried out as best as technically possible within the clearly set out specifications and for the best possible price. The committee members are selected by the meeting.


A multi-annual plan or an LTMP is a long-term maintenance plan for the carrying out of necessary maintenance to buildings, grounds and installations. For some time now, owners’ associations have been obliged to reserve money for major maintenance. The major advantage of a sound LTMP is that the owners’ association’s contribution can be adjusted to anticipate maintenance costs. In this way, owners will not have to deal with unexpected costs.