Letting selection

Find your ideal residence, retail or office space

General rental information:

The following applies to residences (Privacy statement):

1. Fill in the REGISTRATION FORM with as much detail as possible to be considered for a residence.

2. Your gross monthly income must be at least 3,5-4 times the monthly rent. A second ( lowest) income counts for one third. Can you meet these requirements? Then arrange a viewing by calling us on +31(0)70-3615600 or sending a mail to verhuur@zeilstra-vgm.nl. Please bring the following documents to the viewing if you haven’t filled in the REGISTRATION FORM yet.

  • Identity document (valid passport or identity card; not a driving licence) or residence permit if you’re not an EU citizen.
  • Original payslips from the last 3 consecutive months.

If you are interested in renting the residence, then we will also need the following documents:

3. Proof of the past year’s income from all tenants (annual income statement).

4. A certificate of good conduct from your previous landlord.

5. An employer’s statement (confirmation of employment and salary). Are you an entrepreneur or a director and principal shareholder? Then we would also like to receive:

  • An authentic extract from the Chambers of Commerce – not older than 1 month.
  • Original annual report and accounts from the past 2 financial years including an audit certificate.
  • Original income tax returns of assessments from the past 2 years.
  • Statement from your previous landlord

6. Extract from the Municipal Personal Records Database [Basisregistratie personen, (BRP)]

7. Bank statement showing salary payment (last 3 months) – we will make a copy.

8. Bank debit card – we will make a copy.

If there are several candidates, we will decide who gets the residence.