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We match tenants with our residences, business premises, and office and retail spaces. By providing you, the tenant, with the best possible information about topics such as rent and maintenance, you will be able to enjoy the property without any worries. In order to be considered for a residence, you must meet certain conditions and submit personal data. Privacystatement.

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Top 6 frequently asked questions

1. Interior maintenance of residence

Together with the landlord you are responsible for the maintenance of the residence. The paintwork on the inside, for instance, the tenant has to paint. The tenant’s maintenance duties are set out in the document ‘Small Repairs and Maintenance’, which specifies what maintenance is the tenant’s responsibility and what the landlord’s. We normally consult with you well in advance when maintenance work that is at the landlord’s expense is going to be carried out. Do you wish to make changes to the residence? Then please submit a written approval application to us. We have the right to refuse your application without giving reason.

2. Urgent repairs

A burst or leaking water main, a clogged or flooded (communal) sewer and fire damage fall under urgent repairs. Report urgent repairs during office hours on +31 (0)70 – 361 56 00. Outside office hours, please call in a specialist yourself to help fix your urgent problem by means of a ‘temporary repair’. Report performed repairs by third parties on the first working day by sending an email to onderhoud@zeilstra-vgm.nl.

Please note: a non-functioning central-heating boiler or lack of warm water are not urgent repairs. In these cases, use the Knowledgebase contact form.

3. Ventilation - mould prevention

Ventilate your residence 24 hours a day. Is your residence fully insulated, then only ventilate it for a couple of hours in the evening, as well as for half an hour after showering. Clean your ventilation grills every 3 to 6 months and leave the extractor fan on for one hour after cooking. In the document ‘Ventilation, Mould and Paintwork’ you can read how this can save you money and how to prevent mould.

4. Giving notice

After the minimum tenancy period of one year, the notice period is one calendar month, unless stated otherwise in the tenancy agreement. Fill in the contact form below or send a letter by registered mail to our postal address. We must receive the form at least one day before the first day of the following month.

Please note: If the agreement pertains to several tenants, then they must all give notice separately. Read more about this in the documents ‘Information about Giving Notice ’ and Small repairs and Maintenance.

After receipt of the notice we will send a confirmation of receipt, in which we will ask you to contact us, or an assigned estate agency, for the inspection of the residence. During the inspection, we will determine whether repairs or changes are necessary before you hand over the residence to us. An account of any necessary work will be included in the inspection report, after which we will immediately arrange the definitive hand-over with you. Afterwards, another inspection will take place. During this final inspection, we will check with you whether the residence is being handed over as agreed. We will confirm these findings in writing in the final inspection report. Should there be repairs that we need to carry out at the time of the hand-over, then you will be charged for them. We will either offset these costs against the security deposit or we will charge you for them.

5. Application for repair

Submit your written application for repair, using the Knowledgebase contact form. Please send us as much detailed information as you can, preferably including images so that we can help you better and faster. Naturally, we will keep you informed about the settlement of your application.

6. Nuisance

If you have nuisance complaints, please read the document ‘Nuisance Caused by Neighbours’. In this document we give you advice and describe how we handle such complaints. Is this advice not useful and do you wish to report a complaint? Please fill in the form below with additional comments. We will process your complaint as soon as we can.