It’s time for – a new way of doing it

There’s more to property management than just collecting rent and carrying out maintenance. Times are changing and ask us to continue to upgrade our methods and aspire to innovate our approaches. We get the best possible return on investment of your property at the lowest cost. Read more for a comprehensive overview of our services.

Property Management

Property is an important factor in our society and is subjected to continuously changing laws and regulations. It is our job to keep monitoring these time-related changes and to respond to their demands. In other words: we match your requirements as effectively as we can to the current market and economic situation.

With our vast amount of experience, we can achieve the best possible return on investment for your property. We keep an eye on and anticipate relevant changes in a timely manner, thus providing a modern approach to property management – you can leave that to us.


How do we do this?

  • Debit and credit administration.
  • Collecting and sending demand letters and monitoring cash flows.
  • Monthly revenue and expenditure reports.
  • Advising on or settling administrative tasks such as delivery and service contracts.
  • Drawing up the annual statutorily required settlement of service and energy costs in due time.
  • Paying owners’ association contributions and arranging the authorisation to convene a meeting.
  • Annual rent increase proposal.
  • Registering the valuation of immovable property [WOZ].
  • Electronically filing relevant ownership documents.
  • Dealing with correspondence with tenants and government bodies on behalf of the owner.
  • Following up on letters of complaint as required by law.
  • Preparing and submitting periodic VAT returns.
  • Attending owners’ association meetings.
  • Attending court sessions.
  • Data regarding landlord levy returns.
  • Alerts and reports concerning bank financing.


Technical issues:

  • Incidental small maintenance, dealing with malfunctions and complaints.
  • Responding to emergencies.
  • Assisting during ownership transfers and checking invoices.
  • Assessing owners’ association calendars.
  • Outsourcing and assessing service work.
  • Annual monitoring of state of repairs and the Long-Term Maintenance Plan (LTMP).
  • Assisting in and supervising major maintenance, renovations and refurbishments.
  • Assisting in and advising on sustainability.
  • Assisting in the division of apartments.
  • Drawing up of LTMP, including cost calculation.

“If you plan to invest in rental properties, using a property management service is the best worry-free way you can deal with them.”

Skeleton Key Property Management

Asset Management

Are you looking to exploit, renovate, redevelop or sell your property? Then we are happy to help. Your property has to remain competitive on the market. Vacancy affects the value of your property. Therefore, to retain and increase its value are important motivators for us.


How do we do this?

Rapidly changing laws and regulations and fluctuating economic and market circumstances ask for proactive management measures. We carry out targeted analyses using management reports, so that we can quickly determine whether properties meet the owner’s demands in today’s framework.

We assess the property on its sustainability, future viability and rental potential. Depending on the location and type of property, we advise a course of action. Central to this process is our motto: ‘Investing in profit’.


“The value of achievements lies in ceaselessly striving for them.”

Albert Einstein


Sustainability is an important element of modern user comfort and therefore a spearhead of our advice. Thus, being properly informed about your wishes and their possibilities is pivotal.

In all cases, we determine which energy-saving measures are possible; which corresponding investments should be made; how much return can be expected; which energy label adjustment we are dealing with; and in the case of a residence, whether it will remain sustainable in the long term.  By applying strategic frameworks at an organisational level, we can guarantee properly informed choices for housing estates and apartment portfolios.


How do we do this?

We draw up an energy label or index, which includes sustainability aspects. The outcome will, in case of a residence, be added to the calculation of the number of rental points pursuant to the Rental value of residential property system [Woning Waarderingsstelsel, (WWS)]. The costs incurred for an energy index will easily be earned back – a rise in the number of rental points evidently leads to a higher rental income, making the investment profitable.  Keeping in mind these and other considerations, we can achieve the results we set at the outset. Furthermore, we will inform you about any available and feasible subsidies. Following our motto ‘Investing in profit’, we frequently combine these activities with major maintenance or during a change of ownership.

Risk Management

Risk management can be integrated into a number of our services. Together with you we discuss how we can contribute to each of these. Managing cash flows is an important element, for example, but so is the selection procedure of a prospective tenant. We take our service levels to a higher plane to advise on topics such as maintenance planning or investment decisions.


How do we do this?

Experience shows us that major maintenance is often required at a time when it has not or only inadequately been accounted for in the cash flow. Replacing a roof or painting the exterior of housing estates are substantial expenditures. We therefore monitor when and how often such maintenance is required and, based on this, periodically compile a ‘Long-Term Maintenance Plan’ (LTMP). Timing is also essential for your return on investment. That’s why we frequently combine these maintenance activities with sustainability requirements.

Another example is the selection of tenants for the letting or sub-letting of property. To this end, we have our protocol, which we use to select the right prospective tenant.


“The first step in the risk management process is to acknowledge the reality of risk. Denial is a common tactic that substitutes deliberate ignorance for thoughtful planning.”

Charles Tremper

Letting Services

In the event of a change to property ownership, we give advice on the residence’s letting potential and any adjustments, such as the implementation of modern amenities, making a residence future-proof or a property sustainable. The selection of tenants is also important. By carrying out prior, proper screenings, we reduce the possibility of choosing an “unsuitable” tenant. When you want to let property, the number of rental points – drafted according to the Dutch Rental value of the residential property system [Woning Waarderingsstelsel, (WWS)] – plays an increasingly important role. By optimising the system, we continue to aim for the best possible rental income.


How do we do this?

We carry out the following activities:

  • Assessment of prospective tenants according to the Secure Letting protocol [only in Dutch].
  • Providing written records and drawing up tenancy agreements.
  • Assistance in the coordination of alterations to residences with preliminary and final inspection reports.
  • Registration in our letting database.
  • Drawing up and checking point evaluation pursuant to the existing WWS.
  • Providing an energy label or an energy index.


“A decent tenant is an essential element of property management. Therefore, assessing them is key.”

Zeilstra vb&t Property Management

Strategic Advice

With our knowledge of and experience with property and tenants’ requirements, we know how to cleverly bring together a number of strategic issues. We closely follow market conditions and current laws and regulations and detect any changes in due time. In this way, we can help contribute to the property investor’s choices in the fields of buying or selling, sustainability and renovation.



How do we do this?

We summarise all the analyses carried out to provide proper, substantiated advice.


“The future influences the present just as much as the past.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Value Driven Management

Our proven experience and quality of service provision translates into good advice tailored to your needs. We do this by going beyond the basic administration process –  we provide full-service solutions, strive for the best possible return, manage your risks and respond to the ever-changing laws and regulations. We’re on your side, with our motto ‘Investing in returns’.


How do we do this?

With our full-service package, we can expand from property management to asset management with ease. We see that property and asset management are becoming more inextricably linked to each other. We are on top of the changes that apply to the property portfolios managed by us, so that we can create a solid, future-proof and periodically adjustable strategy.


“We seek the best possible return for the property owner.”

Zeilstra vb&t Property Management